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Welcome to Tyrian Diagnostics

Welcome to Tyrian Diagnostics

Tyrian Diagnostics has in the past developed proprietary technology for rapid diagnosis.  This technology can be applied in a wide range of diagnostic fields including medical, animal health, food and environmental testing.  The technology has been reduced to commercial practice through a rapid test for determining wheat quality, marketed by Bayer Crop Science as ReadRiteTM.  Bayer Crop Science has an ongoing licence from Tyrian for use of its technology in this product.

Tyrian’s technology consists of a small disposable plastic capsule, the DiagnostIQ device, in which tests are carried out, and a USB-driven Reader machine which can be used to assess results precisely.    Results can also be determined qualitatively by comparing the results of a test on a standard colour chart.  DiagnostIQ is distinguished by its speed (results in 5 minutes), reliability and unique patent position.  It is ideally positioned for use in the field, factory or physician’s office because of its simplicity and ease of use. Both the Reader and device are manufactured at commercial scale.

Tyrian has proprietary markers for the diagnosis of active tuberculosis.  The use of these markers for development of a molecular test but not a protein-based test for active TB was licensed to SpeeDx Pty Ltd in 2011.

Tyrian Diagnostics ceased its research and development operations, terminating all employees, in November, 2011, and is seeking licensees of its technology for application in relevant fields.  The company continues to operate as a manager and licensor of intellectual property and to explore options for the ongoing activities of the company.  Please see the Contacts page to follow up on either of these areas.